Your Quest

  • Explore
  • Solve Riddles
  • Swipe Treasure
  • Meet NPCs

  • The MetaVerse

    Welcome Traveller

    Portal to the smallworld

    ^ Click Portal to Play ^

    An MMORPG unlike anything before

    You decide your actions whilst you explore the land
    Monetary reward or pure knowledge awaits you

    A Boundless Land upon a Small World.

    • Each area is contained on a transaction.
    • Each area is an NFT.
    • Some areas have NFTs on NFTs and so on.
    • Buy the NFT to own the digital lease.
    • Owning the digital lease gives you rights to make changes to the area.
    • Sell your NFT/digital lease to others.
    • Use Google Translate to play in any language.
    • NPCs give you stories, riddles or might trade with you.
    • Swipe treasure chests & take the bitcoin.
    • Find hidden lore & stories.
    • Discover stories not told anywhere else.
    • Uncover myths & legends.
    • Any number of players can play it at the same time.
    • Become a developer & create your own areas.
    • Some areas are locked off and you will have to pay a fee to access.
    • Connect lands, dungeons, towns, and cities, in a huge boundless land.
    • Use Mirrorboard to communicate & leave messages with others.

    A world at our fingertips, a boundless land that reaches across the small world and into the stars. The magic of the land is only as limited as the creators who wield the magicks that shape the trees, the wind, the land upon which you, brave adventurer, will walk.