Your Quest

  • Explore
  • Solve Riddles
  • Swipe Treasure
  • Meet NPCs

  • The MetaVerse


    You are in a small glade at the top of some long wooden stairs.

    You are standing in a small glade at the top of some long wooden stairs, to the south the trees and brambles grow thickly and there is a high wooden pallisade blocking your way. In the pallisade wall is a large oaken door.

    There is also a little cabin near the oaken gate, maybe a guard house of some sort. Outside the cabin stands a hooded figure wearing a long brown shimmering cloak. Power emanates from his presence and he seems to be standing, or hovering. Maybe you can ask him some questions before venturing further.

    The cowled figures face emerges from the shadows of his hood, and he smiles at you. “Well done traveller, you may proceed at your leisure. I will also offer you a trade, if you have 1 Metanet Club Discount token and 80 Silver coins, I will give you a Gem of Shadows.”
    The Gem of Shadows is a limited rare item that can be used by itself or in conjunction with other items.