Your Quest

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  • The MetaVerse


    You are at the top of the rope at the eastern edge of the Genesis tower grounds.

    At the top of the rope is a small wooden platform resting on the top of the wall. It’s a small wooden platform, but enough for a few people, and it boasts and excellent view. To the east you can see the woods drop downhill beyond the wall and further east is a long river winding from south to north.

    Far to the northeast you can make out a sturdy bridge that crosses the river from west to east, and across this bridge the trees start to thin out and the path leading from the bridge starts to become more stony and paved. Further to the east you can see the smoke and distant lights of a village.

    At the eastern edge of this platform is what appears to be a painted metal chute, with a sign by it reading “ride the chute to get to the river bank”. Peering down it, you see it quickly disappears into darkness as it dips and twists downwards into the woods beyond the wall towards the western riverbank below. It looks like a one way trip down the chute.

    You can go into the chute or climb down the rope.