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    Areas for sale

    Own a piece of Metanet Land – Digital Real Estate for Sale!

    Either build something new, or buy a house in a town or village, start a shop and sell your real world merchandise and services. Or even resell your digital real estate.

    By purchasing an NFT you have the digital rights to either resell it, or have it altered. Please note that having it altered will incur extra costs unless you have it altered yourself and submit it with alterations, then it will only cost the minimum to update it.

    Please read – Terms of Alteration – for guidance and costs when requesting alterations. Some areas have protection, e.g. you can’t build a 50ft castle in protected areas. Areas must follow the theme of where they are, e.g. you can’t be walking through a town and then suddenly be in the middle of a sea because someone wanted a sea area.

    Some reasons why you might want to purchase a plot of digital land might include, but not be limited to – building a castle, having a cottage built, having all your nft’s put in your cottage or castle, buying land to connect it to your own created areas, putting up an advertisement post to your business or project, for simply reselling to someone else.

    Consult your local Metanet Land estate agent if you have questions.

    Area – Genesis WoodsInscription NumberPrice
    1 – Genesis Woods49074486300 BSV
    2 – Genesis Woods – Eastern Path4907450810 BSV
    3 – Genesis Woods – Eastern Path490745833 BSV
    4 – Genesis Woods – Eastern Path490745962 BSV
    5 – Genesis Woods – Southern Path491624901 BSV
    6 – Genesis Woods – Southern Path491952640.5 BSV
    7 – Genesis Woods – Southern Path49195270n/a
    8 – Genesis Woods – Southern Path491979650.5 BSV
    9 – Genesis Woods – Southern Path491979690.5 BSV
    10 – Genesis Woods – Western Path4920109710 BSV
    11 – Genesis Woods – Western Path492011143 BSV
    12 – Genesis Woods – Western Path492012580.5 BSV
    20 – Genesis Woods – Western Path492015072 BSV
    Area – Tominaga PlainsInscription NumberPrice
    52 – Tominaga 1 BSV
    53 – Tominaga 0.5 BSV
    54 – Tominaga 0.2 BSV
    55 – Tominaga 0.2 BSV
    56 – Tominaga 0.2 BSV
    0.1 BSV
    0.1 BSV
    0.1 BSV
    0.1 BSV
    0.1 BSV
    0.1 BSV
    0.1 BSV