Your Quest

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  • Solve Riddles
  • Swipe Treasure
  • Meet NPCs

  • The MetaVerse

    Combat & Magic

    Occasionally you will come across a goblin or other type of monster.

    Some monsters will require special weapons to fight them, if you do not have the correct weapon types you will not be able to fight them.

    To fight them you will be offered a chance to ‘Advance to’ the creature. Once you have advanced to them you will be able to use a variety of weapons or only a specific weapon.

    To attack, simply click the moneybutton presented and you will proceed to attack it. After hitting it a few times (depending upon the weapon of choice) it will perish.

    After it has perished you will be able to continue your adventurer and within 24 hours you will receive experience points and possibly some silver, gold, or other random creature drops. After you gain enough experience points you can trade them with the appropriate NPC to level up.

    Low-level monsters such as goblins will only give you level 1 experience points. Whilst you can level all the way to level 10 by only killing goblins, it will take you a long time and will likely end up costing you more. You will have to craft advanced items and fight tougher monsters to gain higher-level experience points.

    Random extra drops are sometimes resources. or sometimes useless. Though keep in mind, that some things that might appear useless might be useful as the land grows and new areas are introduced.

    If you skip steps in the combat process you will be awarded NOTHING.


    In the future we will be introducing a magic system.

    Spells will be able to be used in certain situations, in combat, to interact with certain areas or to help you craft advanced items.

    Due to the nature of our reagents some of the more powerful spells will be limited in nature and only learnable by a few adventurers.

    Some spells will require you to be high enough level to use them.