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  • The MetaVerse


    You will have to use in game currency for the purchase of certain items. The currency currently ranges from Silver Coins to Gold Coins.

    Due to the nature of how we are creating and using in-game currency there is a limited supply of each type of coin, this means that if the demand increases sufficiently, then the cost of purchasing coins will also increase until the point where there is no more currency available through this portal and players will have to purchase coins from each other, or from killing monsters.

    If players horde the currency then even drops from killing goblins and other monsters might dry up.

    The currency can be gained in three ways.

    1. By purchasing it below via the moneybuttons.
    2. By killing goblins and other monsters.
    3. By finding treasure.

    100 Silver coins = 1 Gold coin
    100 Gold coins = 1 Platinum coin

    Please wait up to 24 hours for delivery of your purchase which will appear in your moneybutton inventory.

    Purchase 100 Silver Coins by clicking the Moneybutton below.


    Purchase 1 Gold Coin by clicking the Moneybutton below.


    If you need to change a currency type for another currency type there are banks in-game that will allow you, these are normally found in urban areas. Some of these banks might charge you a small fee.