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    As old fans of the Fighting Fantasy series, we are attempting to bring some of the books back to life with a permanent impression via the blockchain. As you journey through metanet land you will occasionally have the opportunity to explore some of these old books. We have also hidden some bonus treats in some of these areas.

    We hope you enjoy the areas and the wonderful stories.

    Some areas incorporate the Fighting Fantasy rules for combat and exploration.

    The area ahead uses a simple combat system of SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK. It also uses an inventory system which you will need to manually keep track of.

    The basics are;

    1) Roll the two (2) dices for the opponent.
    2) Roll the two (2) dices for yourself.
    3) If your Attack Strength is higher, you have wounded the opponent.
    4) If you wounded the opponent, subtract two (2) points from its STAMINA.
    5) If the opponent wounded you, subtract two (2) points from your STAMINA.
    6) When the STAMINA of you or your opponent reaches 0 = that character is dead.

    Use this CHARACTER SHEET to help your adventure as you journey through the mountain.

    To create your stats;


    SKILL reflects your swordsmanship and fighting expertise, as well as other activities, such as sneaking, climbing, or dodging. The higher the better.

    How to determine your initial SKILL

    1. Roll one (1) dice and add six (6) to the number rolled
    2. Enter this total in the SKILL box on the Adventure Sheet.


    STAMINA represents your strength. The higher your STAMINA, the longer you will survive.

    How to determine your initial STAMINA

    1. Roll two (2) dices and add twelve (12) to the number rolled
    2. Enter this total in the STAMINA box on the Adventure Sheet.


    LUCK represents how lucky or unlucky you are during your adventure. Luck may be involved in the choices you can make and in combat.

    How to determine your initial LUCK

    1. Roll one (1) dice and add six (6) to the number rolled
    2. Enter this total in the LUCK box on the Adventure Sheet.

    During your adventure SKILLSTAMINA and LUCK will vary, however they must never exceed their initial points, except on very rare occasions, when instructed on a particular page.

    You can read how the combat system works here –

    All credit to FIghting Fantasy for these areas. You can read more about the FF series here –