Your Quest

Your mission is to explore and gain knowledge so that you might grow, connect and share, and in time profit.

Read the stories, have conversations with fellow travellers, leave your own words and footprint for the ones that follow in your wake.

The MetaVerse

Game Mechanics


  • Players use energy to move across the land and to interact with objects or converse with NPC’s. This ‘energy’ is in the form of a fraction of bitcoin, for the purposes of the Land we refer to usage in these ways as ‘energy’.
  • Certain interactions will use up more energy than other actions. Such as climbing a mountain, or digging a hole, is more energy/time consuming that simply walking from one near location to another near location.
  • Some areas are more dangerous for the average person, such as swamps, volcanic areas, high mountain reaches and similar. In these areas even moving around might cost more energy.
  • Due to the collaborative design nature of the Land developers of specific areas can place the energy cost for movement or interaction in their areas at their own chosen values.
  • Finding hidden treasure can replenish your energy.

Exploration, Lore & Trade

  • Most RPG’s are combat focused. MetaNet Land is not.
  • The Land is focused on allowing the player(s) to explore the boundless land and through this exploration find new and ancient lore told in story and mythical format.
  • There are NPC’s in the land, some of which you can buy ingame items from and some of which you can buy real world products and services from.
  • As an advanced player you will be able to setup your own NPC who will remain in the land for others to interact with, learn from and/or trade with.
  • All energy interactions with specific NPC’s go to the real world persona of the representative NPC.

Development & Collaboration

  • The Land is designed in such a way that interactions with areas, NPC’s, questing, or similar, can be set so that the collaboraters and designers of those areas are the recipients of the players energy.
  • Collaborators can design small houses, areas, towers, villages, cities, islands or entire nations.

Items (not integrated)

  • You can pick up collectable items, common, rare or unique.
  • Collectable pets.
  • Reagents for crafting
  • Transferable items, to wallets and other games.