Your Quest

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  • Solve Riddles
  • Swipe Treasure
  • Meet NPCs

  • The MetaVerse

    Items, Durability, Resources & Crafting

    Metanet Land makes use of what most people call “NFTs” to create items that have durability, can be used for gaining resources and those resources used to craft items.

    Some of our items can be used cross-platform, with other businesses and potentially other games.

    The variety of items, resources and combinations is only limited by our imagination.

    There are shops located at various places within Metanet Land where you can use Bitcoin (bsv) to buy some basic items and start you on the path, or you can purchase in-game currency (silver or gold coins) that will also allow you to buy items.

    Some unique items are limited in number and some follow a complicated and long method to craft.

    Some items will require you to explore the deepest darkest caves and areas within metanet land. And for some items, once their limited resources are found and used to craft items, they will not be available again.

    And crafting of items will require specific resources and the merchant will require a payment, which is paid for via the in-game currency.

    For example, crafting a Wooden Sword with 100 durability will require;

    30 x Oak Wood
    10 x Silver coins

    You will have to find the swordsmith that can craft the item you are after and then click the relevant Moneybutton to craft the item. Within 24 hours the item will be placed within your moneybutton inventory and can then be used.