Your Quest

Your mission is to explore and gain knowledge so that you might grow, connect and share, and in time profit.

Read the stories, have conversations with fellow travellers, leave your own words and footprint for the ones that follow in your wake.

The MetaVerse

Joining a Guild

To join a guild you only need to register yourself and click the relevant moneybutton.

You will then gain access to those guilds specific pages, getting access to extra lore, secret routes, ability to create your own interactive NPC (trader, storyteller or puzzle maker.

You start at the novice tier and throughout your journeys and as the Land grows you will find the chances to advance yourself and gain new opportunities.




The explorers of the land who brave places where others would fear to tread. The frontier trader often recognizes an explorer and might offer discounts or exclusive items to the explorers of the land.



The traders the Land from north to south and east to west, across the seas and rest where the sun rises and sets again. Their trade connects all and makes profit and collaborative growth possible.



The storytellers pass the legends and lore from one to the next, they are the information carriers of each generation, whether their words come from their lips, written paper or from the echoes of known history.