Your Quest

Your mission is to explore and gain knowledge so that you might grow, connect and share, and in time profit.

Read the stories, have conversations with fell travellers, leave your own words and footprint for the ones that follow in your wake.

The MetaVerse


A Global MMORPG unlike anything you have ever seen bebfore, where you explore the land, learn about BitCoin, the MetaNet, the history and some of the characters. Come up against against puzzles and challenges, hidden treasure chests and potentially other great rewards. Interact with NPC’s throughout the land, learn their stories and the history of the land.

Explore the Genesis Woods, the ancient Genesis Tower Grounds, and the (not yet released) Village of Satoshi. Use integratable Metanet software, such as MetaLens to talk to fellow players in the same area, or read messages left by travellers who walked the path before you.

The focus of Metanet Land is not combat, but knowledge through exploration, story telling, quizes and puzzles, and at a later time we will be introducing a trading element as you walk around the land. We also have much bigger plans, in time …

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Metanet Land is one game, distributed over many transactions, each area can be indepently updated at leisure while retaining unbroken links. New areas can be added and “portals” to Metanet Land created, upon agreement “Portals” from Metanet Land can be created back to such indepently developer created areas.

Areas can be designated to send funds directly to the developer that created such an area and even use multiple-outputs to fund all developers of any given area. As players move around and interact within the land funds can and will also be sent to all supporting software products.

Game Version 0.1 (09th May 2019)

Genesis Woods released, leading to troll bridge, around the woods, and to the Shadders.
Basic movement and interaction closed world created.

Game Version 0.2 (22nd May 2019)

Graphics changed from static to moving.
NPC interaction added (the Shadders).
Quiz added.
Stories added.
More item interaction added.
Area descriptions updated.
“Hidden” treasure chest added.
Genesis Tower Grounds location added.

“A place to explore and enjoy.”