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    You are at the base of the mountain.

    Please use the CHARACTER SHEET to help your adventure as you journey through the mountain.

    At last two-day hike is over. You unsheathe your sword, lay on the ground inside with relief as you lower yourself down mossy rocks to sit for moment’s rest. You stretch, rub your eyes and finally look up at Firetop mountain

    the very mountain itself looks menacing. The steep face in front of you looks to have been savaged by the clause of some gargantuan beast. Sharp rocky crags jut out at unnatural angles. At the top of the mountain you can see where aerial red colouring – probably some strange vegetation – which has given the mountain its name. Perhaps no one will ever know exactly what grows up there, as climbing the peak must surely be impossible.

    Your quest lies ahead of you. Across the clearing is a dark cave entrance. You pick up your sword, get to your feet and consider what dangers may lie ahead of you. But with determination, you thrust the sword home into its scabbard and approach the cave.

    You peer into the gloom to see dark, slimy walls with pools of water on the stone floor in front of you. The air is cold and dank. Your lantern and step warily into the blackness. Cobwebs brush your face and you hear miscarrying of tiny feet double: rats, most likely. You set off into the cave. After a few yards you arrive at a junction. Will you turn the West or East?

    You can go west or east.