Your Quest

  • Explore
  • Solve Riddles
  • Swipe Treasure
  • Meet NPCs

  • The MetaVerse


    You are at the bottom of some long wooden stairs.

    To the east there is a very steep muddy hillbank thick with brambles and tickets and the occasional trees. It looks very impassable climbing uphill, though judging from a trail of broken brambles and branches it looks like some people have unfortunately fallen down the hill and through the brambles.

    Northwards there is a thin long winding path that seems to zigzag through the woods into the distance, with trees reaching high either side of the path as it disappears beyond sight. To the south is a steep wooden staircase, built into the earthen ground some time ago, seemingly overlaying an older stone foundation of a staircase. The woods continue alongside the wooden staircase, trees and brambles thickening as it rises up out of sight, indicating that it is the only route to go if you decide to head south.

    You can take the winding path north or you can walk up the stairs to the south.