Your Quest

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  • Solve Riddles
  • Swipe Treasure
  • Meet NPCs

  • The MetaVerse


    You walk down the path with birdsong in the air.

    The woods do not offer a break in the scenary, you wonder along for what seems like an hour or longer listening to the birds overhead and feeling the faint warmth of the sun on your face. You come across a small rabbit hole among a thicket of trees that seems the only thing of interest in this quiet part of the woods. To the south it looks like the landscape slowly rises, hills in the distance, the trek will be slightly more exhausting, but good excersize and potentially might provide a good vantage point.

    The birds tweet overhead and you hear your own footsteps as you walk through the area. There is also some oak stumps and trees that you can chop at if you have a woodsman axe.

    You can go north, south or hack at a tree.
    Please allow up to 24 hours for resources to appear in your inventory (mb wallet).