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Your mission is to explore and gain knowledge so that you might grow, connect and share, and in time profit.

Read the stories, have conversations with fell travellers, leave your own words and footprint for the ones that follow in your wake.

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Genesis Woods

Genesis Woods

As a seed planted that will one day give rise to a tree and later to grow into a large woods. Genesis is the seed planted in 2020 that will grow and blossom into the beautiful future before us.

Come walk the forgotten paths and learn the story of the start, carve your name upon the tree’s and walk the woods under the sun.

Legend has it that the Genesis Tower resides deep in the woods beyond a Guardian of the Old Age. And within the tower, it is rumoured that an echo of the Genesis Block is kept there by the Sages, and the tale told is that when one gazes upon Genesis, the past, present and future may be revealed somewhat to the Traveller.

Legend has it that there are hidden treasures in this ancient woods, and local folklore has it that occasionally new paths seem to emerge deep within the woods.

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