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    Once Upon a Time

    Once upon a time in aeons long past, where memories shift to myths, legends and then dreams. There existed the races of humans alongside others of a similar kind. And those that witnessed were not spared the destruction. As death opened its mouth and breathed upon the earth, wilting crops, cracking pots and poisoning all in its path.

    They dwelt all over the planet, with science so advanced as to seem like magic even today. They communicated with more than words, they touched the stars and each other’s minds in ways this world has yet to realize is possible.

    Then the great fall came. Humankind’s vigilance fell and a great evil was able to take control of the lands. The great fires rained down from the skies, creating destruction wherever they touched the earth. And when they touched the ground great fires from these places arose touched by death.

    The earth trembled and shook, and wept its pain and fear. And the humans and other beings that survived the blasts and poisoned winds felt their mother Gaia shake and shudder and crack asunder under the might of the weapons war wielded by the children she had nourished for so very long.

    And thus did humankind fall from heaven, losing the ancient powers they had as a whim under their command, and breaking themselves upon the earth as they ran to the four corners, to wherever they could find shelter, from fire to dust, to myths, legends and then dreams.