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    The ground is muddy and rough in this area.

    There is a rushing river to the east with steep ricky banks on the eastern side. High above you is what appears to be a water chute, sticks out of the foilage coming from somewhere beyond site and ends above the nearside western bank over the river. Footprints lead up from the river on the western bank lead to dry land and to where you are standing. Trees decorate the land around the area spreading to the north and south. Thickets and woodlands get too thick to the south making that direction impassable.

    Crossing the river here is impossible, the river is too strong and there is no way to scale the banks on the eastern site. The only way across the river seems to be a bridge that you can see cross the river in the distance to the north. There is also some maple wood stumps and trees that you can hack if you have a woodsman axe.

    You can go northwest or hack some trees for maple wood.
    Please allow up to 24 hours for the maple wood to appear in your inventory (your mb wallet).